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We use a grex-based naming system for our in-house Nepenthes hybrids. A full description of the grex system and how we use it can be found on our Grex Naming Information page.

Below is a full list of our named greges. Each grex is described more fully on the "Grex Information" tab of its individual entry.

N. Dreaming Angel
N. Dreaming Artist
N. Dream Mirror
N. Dream Oracle
N. Dream of Triumph
N. Dream of Trouble
N. Dream of Victory
N. Maiden of Victory
N. Secret Battle
N. Secret Lust
N. Secret Savior
N. Secret Victory
N. Titan Angel
N. Titan's Bounty
N. Titan's Mirror
N. Titanic Triumph
N. Velvet Mirror
N. Virtuous Battle
N. Virtuous Lust
N. Virtue's Mirror
N. Virtue's Triumph
N. Virtue's Victory