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Sarracenia 'Ladies in Waiting' - Medium
Sarracenia 'Ladies in Waiting'
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Sarracenia 'Ladies in Wating' is a beautiful and elegant hybrid.  The base of the pitchers are green, and fade to a rich maroon-red at their tops.  They have dark red veins with white spotting on their frilly lids.  They vigorously produce pitchers throughout their growing season, and maintain beautiful colors well into the Fall.
Product Details
Sarracenia 'Ladies in Waiting' is a hybrid. The cross is Sarracenia leucophylla x (S. rubra x S. psittacina)
Sarracenia 'Ladies in Waiting' requires temperatures between 60-100F during growth, and 30-50F during dormancy. They are extremely cold-tolerant, and can survive temperature drops down to 0F.
Sarracenia 'Ladies in Waiting' require full sun
Purified only. Sarracenia 'Ladies in Waiting' are very sensitive to nutrients and other dissolved solids in water.
SoilSarracenia 'Ladies in Waiting' thrive in acidic bogs. To simulate these conditions, we use a mix of 50% peat moss/50% perlite or sand
Plant Size
Adult pitchers are around 14" tall or more
Flower Color
Winter dormancy REQUIRED. Growth will cease, and all leaves may die-back.

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