Nepenthes ventricosa "Victory" is the very familiar red-colored clone of N. ventricosa, produced in America by AG3. This plant entered the Predatory Plants stable in 2009, and has been blooming regularly since 2013. "Victory" forms a compact rosette with narrow light green leaves, around 1 foot in diameter, and holds up to a dozen pitchers at once with the classic N. ventricosa hourglass shape and red color, about 6 inches tall at most, with a red peristome and slightly darker red speckles on the pitcher body. The peristome is slightly ridged, and the texture is waxy. Upper pitchers are pale, but otherwise morphologically very similar to lowers. Wings are notably absent on both, and the plant does not form a proper vine, as the internodal distance never dramatically increases.

N. ventricosa "Victory" lower pitcher.

N. ventricosa "Victory" upper pitcher.


"Victory" blooms frequently, and has produced many hybrids. More will be added as they are produced and reach maturity. Each grex is described more fully on the "Grex Information" tab of its individual entry.

Hybrids involving "Victory" use the following secondary epithets: Victory.

Because of the different reproductive habits of male plants, "generations" are poorly-defined. Greges are listed by month of sowing.

April 2014

N. Maiden of Victory N. maxima "dark" ventricosa "red"

September 2014

N. Virtue's Victory N. ventricosa "black peristome" ventricosa "red"

November 2014

N. Dream of Victory N. (densiflora spectabilis "giant") ventricosa "red"

December 2015

N. Secret Victory N. sanguinea "red" ventricosa "red"