Nepenthes maxima "Maiden" is an obscure clone of N. maxima obtained from Peter d'Amato of California Carnivores. Also known as N. maxima "dark", it is the parent of the first Predatory Plants grex, and is a very attractive plant in its own right. "Maiden" forms a large rosette, up to 2 ft. in diameter, with broad, paddle-shaped leaves that have a hint of dark color besides the green. It eventually forms a large vine, putting on several feet per year unless cut. Lower pitchers are quite large 10 inches or so long with a highly developed dark maroon peristome, a high neck, and a pitcher body and lid with mottled dark maroon and yellow-green coloration. Pitchers are medium-firm, with pronounced wings and a very light indumentum. Upper pitchers are pale and narrower, with reduced wings and a more complex lid, including a dangling protrusion on the tip.

N. maxima "Maiden" lower pitcher.

N. maxima "Maiden" upper pitcher.

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"Maiden" blooms fairly rarely, and has so far only produced a single hybrid. More will be added as they are produced and reach maturity. Each grex is described more fully on the "Grex Information" tab of its individual entry.

Hybrids involving "Maiden" use the following primary epithets: Maiden.

First generation, sown November 2014

N. Maiden of Victory N. maxima "dark" ventricosa "red