Nepenthes ventricosa "Virtue" is a female clone of Nepenthes ventricosa "black peristome" sold by Malesiana Tropicals under the listing NE-33. It has a darker peristome and paler pitcher body than the common red form of N. ventricosa, with scattered speckles on the upper portion of the pitchers. This plant holds a huge amount of pitchers, especially during the warmer months. It doesn't form a proper vine, as the internodes don't dramatically elongate, but will produce very pale upper pitchers in time. Both have the classic hourglass shape of N. ventricosa, and a waxy texture.

N. ventricosa "Virtue" lower pitcher.


"Virtue" usually flowers at least once per year, and has produced several generations of hybrids. More will be added as they reach maturity. Each grex is described more fully on the "Grex Information" tab of its individual entry.

Hybrids involving "Virtue" use the following primary epithets: Virtue, Virtuous.

First generation, sown September 2014

N. Virtue's Mirror N. ventricosa "black peristome" mira
N. Virtue's Triumph N. ventricosa "black peristome" talangensis
N. Virtue's Victory N. ventricosa "black peristome" ventricosa "red"

Second generation, sown August 2015

N. Virtuous Battle N. ventricosa "black peristome" briggsiana
N. Virtuous Lust N. ventricosa "black peristome" lavicola