Nepenthes densiflora spectabilis "Dream" is a seed-grown female hybrid from Borneo Exotics, and is one of the favorites of the Predatory Plants stable. It was part of a very limited seed release of N. densiflora spectabilis "giant" from Borneo Exotics, and has been fairly reliable in flowering regularly for us growing in our cool room. "Dream" produces a strong basal before vining, and usually flowers once the vine is 4-6 feet long. Lower pitchers are around 8 inches tall, with a stretched oval shape, reddish-brown speckled pitcher bodies, and a flared red peristome with dark stripes. Uppers are longer and narrower, with slightly lighter pitcher coloration and a less-developed peristome. Texture is like thin leather, with a very slight indumentum.

N. densiflora spectabilis "Dream" lower pitcher.

N. densiflora spectabilis "Dream" upper pitcher.


"Dream" is a very reliable breeder and has produced multiple generations of hybrids. More will be added as they reach maturity. Each grex is described more fully on the "Grex Information" tab of its individual entry.

Hybrids involving "Dream" use the following primary epithets: Dream, Dreaming.

First generation, sown November 2014

N. Dream of Triumph N. (densiflora spectabilis "giant") talangensis
N. Dream of Trouble N. (densiflora spectabilis "giant") "terrible cross"
N. Dream of Victory N. (densiflora spectabilis "giant") ventricosa "red"

Second generation, sown May 2015

N. Dreaming Angel N. (densiflora spectabilis "giant") aristolochioides
N. Dreaming Artist N. (densiflora spectabilis "giant") (aristolochioides mira)
N. Dream Mirror N. (densiflora spectabilis "giant") mira

Third generation, sown August 2015

N. Dream Oracle N. (densiflora spectabilis "giant") ovata