Nepenthes truncata "Titan" is a large female Nepenthes truncata that is an extremely vigorous and productive breeder. We purchased it from a private grower and its ultimate origin is unknown. "Titan" is a massive plant, and grows in our warm room. It has a compact growth habit, and does not vine. The leaves are wide and truncate, and the pitchers are long, stout, and green, with flared orange-brown peristomes and a very firm texture.

N. truncata "Titan" pitcher.

Video featuring N. truncata "Titan".


"Titan" is very productive and has flowered for us multiple times. Currently only 1 set of hybrids is of saleable size others will be added as they mature. Each grex is described more fully on the "Grex Information" tab of its individual entry.

Hybrids involving "Titan" use the following primary epithets: Titan, Titan's, Titanic.

First generation, sown July 2015

N. Titan Angel N. truncata x aristolochioides
N. Titan's Bounty N. truncata x bicalcarata
N. Titan's Mirror N. truncata x mira
N. Titanic Triumph N. truncata x talangensis

Second generation, sown June 2016

N. Titan's Lament - N. truncata x [lowii x (northiana x veichii)]
N. Titanic Savior - N. truncata x spectabilis
N. Titanic Tyrant - N. truncata x truncata
N. Titanic Vision - N. truncata x vogelii