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Killer Deals:
Venus Fly Trap 'Red Dragon'
Also known as 'Akai Ryu', Venus Flytrap 'Red Dragon' turns dark red in full sunlight. A must for any enthusiast.

Nepenthes 'Judith Finn'
The pitchers of Nepenthes Judith Finn are elongated and green, and have impressively flared, red mouths.

Drosera spatulata
Drosera spatulata are small, rosetted sundews. They make perfect windowsill or terrarium plants.

Sarracenia 'Dana's Delight'
These American pitcher plants produce tall, graceful traps with with glowing pink and purple veins.

Pinguicula primuliflora
Primuliflora grow in rosettes of long, green leaves. They produce multiple flower stalks, and have beautiful white flowers.
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New Tropical Pitcher Plants In Stock!
We are happy to offer an expanded selection of Tropical Pitcher Plants! Also known as Nepenthes, tropical pitcher plants make a fantastic addition to any carnivorous plant collection. These plants come directly to us from our source in Sri Lanka.

Here are just some of the exciting new varieties:

Nepenthes jacquelineae: (Pictured above) Nepenthes jacquelineae is one of the most sought after tropical pitcher plants. It produces extremely unusual wineglass-shaped pitchers with wide, flattened mouths.

Nepenthes spathulata: This species produces some of the largest pitchers of any Nepenthes. The massive pitchers (some as large as 1 foot) are green, with widely-flared crimson mouths.

Nepenthes glabrata: One of the most charming and beautiful Nepenthes species. These delicate plants produce small, creamy egg-shaped pitchers with maroon mottling.

Nepenthes mikei: Mikei is an awesome species that produces extremely dark pitchers that range from deep-purple to nearly black.

Nepenthes ovata: (Pictured right) These produce tubby, oval pitchers with wildly flared and ribbed mouths.

Nepenthes ramispina: The pitchers of Nepenthes ramispina are smoky-black with glowing, lime-green interiors. These are very impressive as they mature.

Want to build your Nepenthes collection? We are pleased to introduce Nepenthes Grab-Bags! Our Original Grab-Bag is a random assortment of 3 bare-root Nepenthes with a guaranteed savings of at least $5.

Want even more Nepenthes? Our Super Grab-Bag is a random assortment of 5 bare-root Nepenthes with a guaranteed savings of at least $15.

Micro-Frog Discovered in Pitcher Plants!

Indraneil Das/ Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation
Scientists have recently discovered a tiny frog that lives inside tropical pitcher plants (Nepenthes). Found only in Borneo, these frogs are the smallest known species in the Old World. Fully grown, these frogs measure a mere .4-.5 inches, and had previously been thought to be juveniles of another species.

The frogs lay their eggs on the inside walls of tropical pitcher plants, and their tadpoles live and mature inside the pitcher’s digestive liquid. Because of their extremely close relationship with these carnivorous Nepenthes, the frogs have been named Microhyla nepenthicola.

Help Save Carnivorous Plants From Extinction!
Meadowview Biological Research Station is seeking to purchase 5 acres of land in Virginia to prevent the extinction of the only known purple pitcher plants in the state. There are only 2 known specimens, and they are critically in danger of perishing if action is not taken.

Meadowview has entered the Pepsi Refresh Project, and hopes to be 1 of 10 projects to receive a $50,000 grant. This is an extremely worthy cause, and you can go HERE to vote. You can vote daily, and we encourage you to do so.

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